Outsourcing basically means going “out” to find the “source” of what you need. These days many business’ outsource for what they need to serve their customers, both internal and external. Outsourcing probably can trace its roots to large manufacturing companies, which hired outside companies to produce specialized components that they needed for their products.  For me outsourcing is kind of meaningless right now because I am just a student and am not involved in a business company.  When I get older outsourcing may have some role in how my work is done but for now it doesnt effect me.  For the US though outsourcing might be a problem because the US doesnt want business’s going out to find their sources when they could get them domestically.


Google Glass

Google Glass and devices like it are evolutionary steps towards technological prosperity.  I honestly haven’t heard of Google Glass until about a week ago when my friend told me about it but now that i have seen this video and learned more about it, i think that it is a great product that can take technology to a new level.  By seeing how Google Glass is developing, I do like the direction that the technological field is heading.  This wave of technology gives us so many helpful resources in our daily lives that people love.  But I do feel like there are a lot of consequences to Google Glass that will make people anti-social and unresponsive to people we know and also new acquaintances on the street because of what things are popping up in your peripheral vision.  Personally I think that this is a very cool device but I wouldn’t want this technology because I don’t want my notifications and other things from my friends and social media to appear in my vision as I go along my day, it seems kind of annoying but I can see how many people might find this very interesting and helpful.

Private Information

The things that I consider private are some aspects about my social life, such as my relationships.  I don’t think its anyones business to know who i’m going out with unless I tell you or publish it to all my friends.  If I want you know to something I will tell you but if i dont then i may not.  Also personal information is very private, more so than social things.  No one should know my social security number besides my parents and myself and the bank.  That kind of information you can not share with anyone or it will end up hurting you in the end.  I keep that information very privately and am very persistent about it.

There is definitely an excessive amount of information given away free via social media and it is those people who chose to do so.  I think that in corporations and business aspects, it is there right to do a background check of a potential employee to see what they are like and i know for sure that they do check Facebook and other social media.  But the government really does not have any reason to look at or review things published in social media.

Illegal Downloading

I do think illegal downloading is a victimless crime because it doesn’t really effect or hurt other people when i download my music off some site when i don’t pay for it.  People really overlook how easy it is to get free music online and when people do actually pay for music, others look at them weirdly.  But the founder of Napster and all the other free downloading sites got the worst of it because anyone who went to the Grammys are pissed off that people have a way to get there music without purchasing it and benefiting them. 

I don’t think illegal downloading is the same thing as stealing.  Stealing I think is more of a personal crime and like way more directly illegal.  No one will ever think that stealing is comparable to downloading music illegally.  Probably a lot of people agree with me and think the same way which says alot about my generation but regardless the act of downloading music does not compare to stealing.

What are you studying?

My major is Communications as of this semester but honestly that is just a default major for me.  Its not that I don’t like studying communications, I wouldn’t have chose it if I didn’t think it was interesting at all, but what I really would like to do is to be involved in the restaurant business; being able to learn how to cook and be a chef and also the management aspect as well.  Albany does not offer anything like that so my second choice is communications.  Communications is a very broad topic but what I find interesting about it is the marketing and advertising part of it.  With knowing how to market and advertise, Im sure it definitely wouldn’t hurt with knowing the restaurant business either.  

Computers are revolutionizing the way we live each day and in terms of what I plan on doing after college I think that they play a pretty big role.  Marketing and Advertising have evolved so much with computers that it is inevitable that the marketing business will not have computers in their designing and creative processes. Computers are so useful to any type of job that the future must have an excess of computers to manage the workplace.  But if my plans change path in to the restaurant, then they may not be that important to my daily life and will be less applicable to me.  I am not sure what I plan on doing with my life, it is hard to know at this age; and I am surprised that so many people decide early too but whatever I do end up doing, in the future I expect a more technologically designed atmosphere which will have computers everywhere but we will see.

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was a computer programmer who was involved in the development  of the web feed format RSS, the founder of Demand Progress and most known for the social news site Reddit.  Swartz’s impetus was to stand up for and to empower the little guy which is a useful way in helping develop the RSS feed to make more voices easily heard and working to create a platform like Reddit to democratize media content curation.  Swartz was arrested on January 6, 2011 by MIT police on state breaking-and-entering charges, after systematically downloading academic journal articles from JSTOR.  Prosecutors charged him on 2 counts of wire fraud and 11 violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  All together he was fined $1 million and sentenced to 35 years in prison.  After his appeal and plea-deal were denied for the second time, to avoid prison, he was found dead in his apartment where he hung himself.  In June 2013, Swartz was inducted in to the Internet Hall of Fame. 

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