Net Neutrality

When we log on to the internet, you and I think and know that we can get to any site and look at virtually anything on there.  But what if there was a network force field blocking out some of those websites from the viewers personal use?  Net Neutrality is what preserves the free and open Internet for the public and keeps it safe.  It means that Internet service providers can not discriminate between all kinds of content and apps online.  Net neutrality makes sure that theres a balance between all websites and internet devices.

SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) is an act that addresses a legitimate problem.  SOPA is made to shut down the online international embezzlement which is a 10s of 100s of billions dollars a year issue which is of primary concern.  It targets individual websites that are dealing with illegal uses.  Its plan is to protect the intellectual property market and industry, jobs, and income.

PIPA(Protect Intellectual Property Act) is a government issued act, like SOPA, to give the government and the copyright holders power of protection from illegal websites that deal with counterfeit goods.  PIPA and SOPA protect the public and individuals from dangerous sites on the web and from illegal substances.

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