US and Syria

There are many reasons why the United States did not intervene in Syria’s situation going on right now.  Syria is having a civil war in their land and there may be issues that we(the United States) have concerning our position in the middle of this situation.  Some reasons why we wouldnt intervene is that we dont want to get in between drama in Europe if we dont necessarily have to, if we intervene then maybe other allies of Syria might too causing World War 3 which is the last thing we want to happen.  Going in to Syria gives us no beneficial factor coming out, there is no goal of intervening if were not trying to overthrow Assad.  I think we made the right decision of staying out of this war in Syria, we would have just caused more stir in the middle east.  The only way I see the United States intervening is if the war in Syria makes its way towards Israel and becomes detrimental for them.  Israel is one of our closest allies and if the war in Syria gets to them, then we have a reason to interfere.


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