MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, is a recently new educational feature that provides a provides a completely different angle to look about the school system.  All the years kids have been sitting in class and listening to the teachers ramble on the topic being discussed but what MOOC is offering is a completely new and unorthodox teaching method.   If MOOC is put in to effect everywhere it will absolutely change everything about learning but the question is if it will change higher education.  France is encouraging its universities to build MOOCs to eventually have a full online university (Kolowich).  They have high aspirations of this program to benefit them and to change higher education itself but obviously there are disadvantages.  I feel that if universities and high-schools all go online and electronic, no one will actually learn anything, ask questions, be motivated to do anything.  That is a fear that people should consider if this is taken in to full effect. In terms of if it will change higher education its uncertain how MOOC will play out, there has been people describing it as revolutionary and others disruptive (Booker).  “As Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng is fond of pointing out, the MOOC has collected more educational data in one year than all the universities in the history of mankind” (Booker).  As an open online course it should have unlimited data offered to the students who attend but that being said, the aspect of teaching must be implemented to a higher degree that can be capable for a student to learn.


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