What are you studying?

My major is Communications as of this semester but honestly that is just a default major for me.  Its not that I don’t like studying communications, I wouldn’t have chose it if I didn’t think it was interesting at all, but what I really would like to do is to be involved in the restaurant business; being able to learn how to cook and be a chef and also the management aspect as well.  Albany does not offer anything like that so my second choice is communications.  Communications is a very broad topic but what I find interesting about it is the marketing and advertising part of it.  With knowing how to market and advertise, Im sure it definitely wouldn’t hurt with knowing the restaurant business either.  

Computers are revolutionizing the way we live each day and in terms of what I plan on doing after college I think that they play a pretty big role.  Marketing and Advertising have evolved so much with computers that it is inevitable that the marketing business will not have computers in their designing and creative processes. Computers are so useful to any type of job that the future must have an excess of computers to manage the workplace.  But if my plans change path in to the restaurant, then they may not be that important to my daily life and will be less applicable to me.  I am not sure what I plan on doing with my life, it is hard to know at this age; and I am surprised that so many people decide early too but whatever I do end up doing, in the future I expect a more technologically designed atmosphere which will have computers everywhere but we will see.


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