Illegal Downloading

I do think illegal downloading is a victimless crime because it doesn’t really effect or hurt other people when i download my music off some site when i don’t pay for it.  People really overlook how easy it is to get free music online and when people do actually pay for music, others look at them weirdly.  But the founder of Napster and all the other free downloading sites got the worst of it because anyone who went to the Grammys are pissed off that people have a way to get there music without purchasing it and benefiting them. 

I don’t think illegal downloading is the same thing as stealing.  Stealing I think is more of a personal crime and like way more directly illegal.  No one will ever think that stealing is comparable to downloading music illegally.  Probably a lot of people agree with me and think the same way which says alot about my generation but regardless the act of downloading music does not compare to stealing.


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