Private Information

The things that I consider private are some aspects about my social life, such as my relationships.  I don’t think its anyones business to know who i’m going out with unless I tell you or publish it to all my friends.  If I want you know to something I will tell you but if i dont then i may not.  Also personal information is very private, more so than social things.  No one should know my social security number besides my parents and myself and the bank.  That kind of information you can not share with anyone or it will end up hurting you in the end.  I keep that information very privately and am very persistent about it.

There is definitely an excessive amount of information given away free via social media and it is those people who chose to do so.  I think that in corporations and business aspects, it is there right to do a background check of a potential employee to see what they are like and i know for sure that they do check Facebook and other social media.  But the government really does not have any reason to look at or review things published in social media.


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