Google Glass

Google Glass and devices like it are evolutionary steps towards technological prosperity.  I honestly haven’t heard of Google Glass until about a week ago when my friend told me about it but now that i have seen this video and learned more about it, i think that it is a great product that can take technology to a new level.  By seeing how Google Glass is developing, I do like the direction that the technological field is heading.  This wave of technology gives us so many helpful resources in our daily lives that people love.  But I do feel like there are a lot of consequences to Google Glass that will make people anti-social and unresponsive to people we know and also new acquaintances on the street because of what things are popping up in your peripheral vision.  Personally I think that this is a very cool device but I wouldn’t want this technology because I don’t want my notifications and other things from my friends and social media to appear in my vision as I go along my day, it seems kind of annoying but I can see how many people might find this very interesting and helpful.


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