STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, mathematics.  STEM fields is typically used in order to address curriculum choices and educational policy from pre-k to college to improve the nations competitiveness and technological development.  There are specific subjects within STEM that are the foundation for a broad range of careers in the future.  The main STEM subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.  It isnt easy to tell how the curriculum taught in school will help one reach a higher education, employment opportunities, or fields of scientific endeavor. These STEM subjects are important for your future career plans and are rather indispensable when talking about STEM.

About 20% of all jobs now are in the STEM field  with half of those positions are available to workers without a bachelors degree.  STEM jobs that don’t require a 4 year degree pay about $53,000 on average, and about 10 percent higher than non-STEM jobs available to people with similar education backgrounds.  Even with a 4 year degree or more, STEM jobs will pay on average more than other jobs will for people with the same background as well.STEM chart





MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course, is a recently new educational feature that provides a provides a completely different angle to look about the school system.  All the years kids have been sitting in class and listening to the teachers ramble on the topic being discussed but what MOOC is offering is a completely new and unorthodox teaching method.   If MOOC is put in to effect everywhere it will absolutely change everything about learning but the question is if it will change higher education.  France is encouraging its universities to build MOOCs to eventually have a full online university (Kolowich).  They have high aspirations of this program to benefit them and to change higher education itself but obviously there are disadvantages.  I feel that if universities and high-schools all go online and electronic, no one will actually learn anything, ask questions, be motivated to do anything.  That is a fear that people should consider if this is taken in to full effect. In terms of if it will change higher education its uncertain how MOOC will play out, there has been people describing it as revolutionary and others disruptive (Booker).  “As Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng is fond of pointing out, the MOOC has collected more educational data in one year than all the universities in the history of mankind” (Booker).  As an open online course it should have unlimited data offered to the students who attend but that being said, the aspect of teaching must be implemented to a higher degree that can be capable for a student to learn.


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US and Syria

There are many reasons why the United States did not intervene in Syria’s situation going on right now.  Syria is having a civil war in their land and there may be issues that we(the United States) have concerning our position in the middle of this situation.  Some reasons why we wouldnt intervene is that we dont want to get in between drama in Europe if we dont necessarily have to, if we intervene then maybe other allies of Syria might too causing World War 3 which is the last thing we want to happen.  Going in to Syria gives us no beneficial factor coming out, there is no goal of intervening if were not trying to overthrow Assad.  I think we made the right decision of staying out of this war in Syria, we would have just caused more stir in the middle east.  The only way I see the United States intervening is if the war in Syria makes its way towards Israel and becomes detrimental for them.  Israel is one of our closest allies and if the war in Syria gets to them, then we have a reason to interfere.


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Government Shutdown

As you should have heard there is a government shutdown that is upon us right now.  People may have the perception that because the government is shut down, the whole country will be in total chaos but the fact that the government is down only means that Congress could not come up with an agreement on how to fund the government. Each year the House and Senate are supposed to agree on 12 bills to fund the federal agencies and set spending priorities.  But this year Congress could not come up with an agreement or solution to balance the necessities that the government needs to operate and therefore there is a government shutdown upon us.


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Communication Major


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Net Neutrality

When we log on to the internet, you and I think and know that we can get to any site and look at virtually anything on there.  But what if there was a network force field blocking out some of those websites from the viewers personal use?  Net Neutrality is what preserves the free and open Internet for the public and keeps it safe.  It means that Internet service providers can not discriminate between all kinds of content and apps online.  Net neutrality makes sure that theres a balance between all websites and internet devices.

SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) is an act that addresses a legitimate problem.  SOPA is made to shut down the online international embezzlement which is a 10s of 100s of billions dollars a year issue which is of primary concern.  It targets individual websites that are dealing with illegal uses.  Its plan is to protect the intellectual property market and industry, jobs, and income.

PIPA(Protect Intellectual Property Act) is a government issued act, like SOPA, to give the government and the copyright holders power of protection from illegal websites that deal with counterfeit goods.  PIPA and SOPA protect the public and individuals from dangerous sites on the web and from illegal substances.

Open Source Software

Open Source is a computer software where the software code is publicized to anyone on the internet.  The copyright owner provides the rights to change the software to anyone and for any use; its basically user-generated content.  There are some pros and cons about how this software operates. Some good things about this open source software is that its easy to access and manage while being hands on and not too costly for the most part.  But unless you know someone who actually knows the ins and outs of this software then it’ll take some time to understand.  I like how open source is free for the public to mix around with and manipulate, all that different content is info to know.