Python Badges

Python Badges

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STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, mathematics.  STEM fields is typically used in order to address curriculum choices and educational policy from pre-k to college to improve the nations competitiveness and technological development.  There are specific subjects within STEM that are the foundation for a broad range of careers in the future.  The main STEM subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics.  It isnt easy to tell how the curriculum taught in school will help one reach a higher education, employment opportunities, or fields of scientific endeavor. These STEM subjects are important for your future career plans and are rather indispensable when talking about STEM.

About 20% of all jobs now are in the STEM field  with half of those positions are available to workers without a bachelors degree.  STEM jobs that don’t require a 4 year degree pay about $53,000 on average, and about 10 percent higher than non-STEM jobs available to people with similar education backgrounds.  Even with a 4 year degree or more, STEM jobs will pay on average more than other jobs will for people with the same background as well.STEM chart